Nemoneh Raisins
Sultana Raisin

These Raisins are made using a solution of sodium carbonate or potassium carbonate and raisin oil. In this method, the drying time of the berries is short and the coarseness of the berries is maintained during drying. The color of the prepared raisins is yellowish-green and soft. First, the arranged clusters are placed in a basket and immersed in the prepared solution for one minute. They are then placed in containers to be drained and then transferred to an area, but the clusters should not be stacked. In order to dry the berries evenly, we turn the clusters so that we can dry the lower part of the berries. In this method, the drying time is from 5 to 8 days. The day before picking the clusters, we prepare a raisin solution. For this purpose, in 100 liters of semi-hot water, we add 5 kg of commercial powder of potassium carbonate and 2 liters of green oil and afterward we stir the solution. The obtained solution, which has a milky color, is enough for 2500 kg of grapes. If while drying grapes, it is cloudy with slight sunlight, and if the clusters contain large berries, they increase the amount of potassium carbonate and the same amount of green oil in the solution. Potassium carbonate causes fine grooves on the surface of the berry and the rapid evaporation of water vapor and also causes the berries to turn yellow. Green oil also softens raisins.